For years the empire ruled and gave the lands of Granbretar law, justice and protection. The law and justice of the emperor was entrusted to the knights of Bahamut, who held influence in all the major cities. The land flourished during this time and great cities rose, roads were built, and magic mastered. Humans dominated the empire and other races were tolerated if not respected.  The land prospered, until one day the empire crumbled. Why it crumbled is not clear—disease, strife, rampant magic, the Gods-but it did not take long for the land to succumb to its loss of law. The land fragmented into disparate, independent regions.  Undefended  cities, villages, and towns suffered from warring lords, emboldened savages, unchecked monsters, and resurgent humanoids who overran Granbretar. It was cast into despair and chaos. Some places survived and held onto glimmers of the past glories of the empire. But much of the land reverted back to the wild and untamed. This is a world of little hope and Dark Horizons.

Dark Horizens

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