The Unspeakable King

Ruler of the Zogar of the Gray Downs


This guy is someone we don't want to mess with…yet


The Unspeakable over-king, the tempest of hell mount, the Dominator, Beastmaster. This is who leads the Zogar. The Zoegar are a mixed clan of humans, half orcs, and a few hobgoblin and ogres. They allow no mages and their shamans roll rune-stones in divination. Their ways are brutal and their customs course. The unspeakable over-king with his barbarian clansmen-the Setuj (heavy footmen with red necks), the Knarf (great-axemen with large mustache), and the Tlec (light, mounted spearmen)-has ambitions to rule over all the valley, after eliminating the elves and the druids first.

The Unspeakable King

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