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  • [[Into the Crypts]]

    The Blue Moon Alehouse was not through delivering information. After a largely fruitless day of snooping about town info finally came here. First, the grumpy fisherman told of holligans preventing him from fishing his favorite spot below the falls. …

  • Jezarra

    This wooden-eyed herbalist of Fallcrest was treating first knight Stothos for his affliction when she went missing. We discovered she was driven from town in fear of her life by the river rats, backed by thier boss Gagan. Her hut outside of town was the …

  • Captain Cravus Fromm

    Captain Fromm is the second in command of the Fallcrest guard, after constable Dollare and is on duty at the barracks over the night shift. He has the trust of Dollare and respect of the men, even though he might be said to have a hot temper. He is a …

  • Cruxshado

    Curxshado. We've heard this name once, mentioned in a letter to Dinara Thoromoth. We don't know what nature of enemy this is, but, he, she or it is planning an attack on the Bahamut temple.

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