Fallcrest is the largest city in the Nentir Valley. 


Prior to the bridge-known as the Five-Arch Bridge-stands a gatehouse manned by five Fallcrest guard in the command of Sergeant Thrumina, a gruff woman in chain armor.  She eyes the group watchfully as you pay your 1 sp per mount toll. She says nothing. The gate is open and there is much traffic going to and from the city. Down river can be heard a great cascade and a mist rises in the air. Here the Nentir River descends nearly 200 feet in three striking shelf-like drops. On the small island in the middle of the falls stands the statue of an ancient human hero named Vendar, holding up his hand as if to challenge enemies approaching from downriver.The statue is in poor condition, with his head partial removed and the weapon he is holding no longer recognizable.

The sites and scenes of Fallcrest are all new. Never before have you seen a collection of so many people. Shops and vendors line many streets selling not only necessities, but luxuries! Bakers, cobblers, candle makers, coopers, herbalists, silversmiths-things unseen in Winterhaven! You spend hours wandering the city. But you are not just taking in the sites; you're learning. And throughout your day you learn a great deal.

Fallcrest is divided into two districts by a steep bluff that cuts across the town. The area north of the bluff is known locally as Hightown. This district survived the city’s fall in relatively good shape, and it was the first area resettled. To the south of the bluff lies Lowtown, which tends to be newer and poorer. In the event of a serious threat, people retreat up to Hightown-the fluff and the town walls completely ring this par of Fallcrest, making it highly defensible.

The human noble Faren Markelhay is the Lord Warden of Fallcrest, a hereditary lord of Nerath decent.  He is in charge of the town’s justice, defense, and laws. He oversees all civil issues. The Lord's Reeve is Dollare, Constable of the Fallcrest guard and captain of the city watch. He is in charge of the city defenses and safety. He is Constable of all criminal matters. Lord Markelhay resides in Moonstone Keep (8). Constable Dollare resides in the barracks compound within moonstone keep as do the city guard.  The Lord Warden appoints a common council to look after routine commerce and public projects. These council seats are currently held by, Armos Thoromoth, a wealthy landowner; Amara Azaer, teifling patriarch of House Azaer trading company; Wisara Osterman, Halfling propietor of the Silver Unicorn Inn; and Par Winnomer, owner of the Blue Moon Taphouse.

There are several Temples throughout the city. They are the Temple of Erathis (13); Moonsong Temple (Sehanine, 16); House of the Sun (Pelor, 10); and The Platinum Spire (Bahamut, 30). Shrines dedicated to other gods can also be found. 


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