The Platinum Spire

Bahamut Church of the Platinum Spire

The Bahamutian church sits prominently atop the bluff in high town. It has a platinum spire that rises 30' into the air. This spire has recently been damaged. Its upkeep is lacking. Entering the front doors you come to a large greating chamber that is dominated by a large, brass brazier in which burns a fire. The domed ceiling is open to the outside air, but covered with a cupola. From this chamer doors open into the main circular chamber which is lofted into the spire itself. At the center of this chamber is a platform on which sits a noble, stone-carved dragon, platinum in tone. Around his chamber are staggered bench seats that could accommodate perhaps 50 people. Three doors leave this room on the outer edge. One leads to the upper floor  and the private chambers of the church brethren. Another leads to a series of public rooms for consultation, studies, classes, and gatherings. The other to private rooms for meditation, recovery or resting.This area also houses the acolytes and risners of the church

The church has always been close to the rulership of the Markelhay's. They provide personal guards for the king and the High Order provides civic justice of grievences. The First Knight and his followers always are at the disposal of the king and operate in special oppeations.


This temple has two leaders. One leads the clergy and the other the knights. 
High Order, Cethric Norm, Keeper of the flame of Vendar, is the ranking cleric (5th).
First Knight of the Platinum Order, Stathos Broc, ranking paladin (7th)

Bahamut Mantra
 "As I Would Think, so Shall Ye; As I Would Feel, so Shall Ye; As I Would Do, so Shall Ye; As I Would Not Harm, Nor Shall Ye; As I Would, so Shall the Clan; As the Clan Would, so Shall I; As We Would, so Shall Ye. The People are as One, and Never Shall I Stray From This, Nor Shall Ye, For to Digress is to Diminish You and Your People"

The Platinum Spire

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