Dark Horizens

Into the Crypts
Game Recap

The Blue Moon Alehouse was not through delivering information. After a largely fruitless day of snooping about town info finally came here. First, the grumpy fisherman told of holligans preventing him from fishing his favorite spot below the falls. Worth investigating for sure. Then  the dwarven smith Teldorthan Ironhews enter along with his friend Murgeddin, Sergeant of the Wizard's gate. After a few ales, smoozing, and some friendly conversating, the subject turned to Constable Dollare. Both dwarves had a good opinion of Dollare, but Teldorthan seemed to dislike his choice of women. He complained that Dollare's object of effection, "the princess" Dinara Thoromoth, was greedy, condesending and cheap. He can't understands what the constable sees in her. Personallity aside, that fact that Dollare is involved with the King's second cousin is quite interesting.

You make your way toward the ruffians by the falls under cover of dark, Dawn scouting in front. It's about nine-o'clock and there are few people about. Suddenly, a group of men exit the wooded area you are headed for. As they pass you it appears they are three Fallcrest guardsmen, led by an officer. They are overheard speaking, "...to the crypts to relieve the guard". Once they head toward the other side of town, you head into the woods and soon encounter the ruffians. One of them gets twitchy with his sword hand and shanks Quinn, beginning a fight that goes badly for the ruffians. They die, flee or surrenderin short order. It seems they were sent here on the orders of Gagan to make sure no one heads to the falls. "Sumthin' goin' on t'night", he said.

Heading to the river you discover two rowboats nestled on shore near the raging waterfalls of the Nentir river. Dawn quickly surveys the area and discovers that the boats were recently used. Three sets of booted footprints cover the area and exit upon the trail you just entered. It seems the town guardsmen just debarked from a boat ride. You decide to go to the cyrpts where the guardsmen were headed.

You climb the switchback road that leads to the entrance to the city cyrpts. Dawn already confirmed that the two guard stationed at the entrance were the two that had exited the woods earlier. The guards claim no one can enter the crypts do to safety concern and repairs, but Garrus and Osman  invoke the influence of the Bahamut knights and high cleric Cethri and are granted access.

Once inside the candle keeper is questioned and he informs that most churchs, nobles and weathly citizens have seperate areas in the crypts, most being connected directy to the lower levels of their temples/villas. He points out that Bahamut crypts are central to the entrance with connecting hallways expanding from there. He points out the direction to the Thoromoth hall. After passing the halls of Selune, Pelor and others the door to the Thoromoth hall is found.

It is closed and voices can faintly be heard beyond…




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