Letter from Craavus to Princess Queen

This will be the last report before the dawning of Fallcrest’s new priest-queen! I am grieved that I cannot deliver this in person, but responsibilities prevent that action.

Tonight’s meeting finalized our plans and all pieces are in place. The hour will be at moon rise. I’ve made sure Dollare will be at the platinum temple by that hour for Cruxshado’s grand entrance. With Tiamat’s blessings, Cruxshadow will be able to dispatch not only Dollare, but Cethric and, Sethros, too. Their armaments will adorn your temple, my queen. I will make sure that Pharstaavaa and his soldiers bring our prized captives to your temple before heading to Cruxshado’s lair. He will have all three, so be sure to have guards waiting for thier arrival at the temple. I will be at Moonstone keep while all this transpires. With Dollare out of the way and the king missing, I will be in command of the garrison.

Do not give worry about this brash “ba-vomit” knight (read: “bahamut” knight) and his pack of nosey outlanders.  They will not be able interfere with our plans and, in fact, will provide a perfect scapegoat for tonight’s glorious events. The guard will arrest them shortly after word spreads of the events. In the end they will just provide more corpses to the burning platinum temple. The Dragon Mother will surely reward our efforts.

By this time tomorrow we will be rid of the “ba-vomitians” and the Markelhays, and a king’s riches will be yours. I will be the commander of your armies and none will question your authority and rightful rule throughout the lands of Fallcrest.

A new age has dawned!

                        Your Vassal,

Commander Craavus
Tiamat’s Champion of
Dinaro, the Priest-Queen of Fallcrest

Letter from Craavus to Princess Queen

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